Toronto’s Best Neighbourhoods

Toronto’s Best Neighbourhoods

Toronto Life recently published a thorough ranking of Toronto’s Best Neighbourhoods to see where are the best places to live in the city.

How did your neighbourhood rank? Or the one you’re thinking of moving to? And how did they rank them?

Toronto Life conducted an online poll of Toronto Life readers, who voted on what they prioritize when choosing where to live, and adjusted the rankings accordingly.

Housing is weighted highest, at 15 per cent, crime at 13 per cent, transit and shopping at 11 each, health and entertainment at 10 each, community and diversity at eight each, and schools and employment at seven each.

Results are still considered controversial with arguments such as what ‘entertainment’ is defined as. And with housing being the highest weighted factor, their definition of housing is made up of “year-over-year appreciation and the ratio of average price to household income”.

Here is a glance of the top 10 – the Beach made #8!


  • 1. Rosedale-Moore Park
  • 2. Banbury-Don Mills
  • 3. High Park-Swansea
  • 4. Mount Pleasant West
  • 5. High Park North
  • 6. Wexford/Maryvale
  • 7. Mount Pleasant East
  • 8. The Beaches
  • 9. Mimico
  • 10. Casa Loma

For the full rankings of Toronto’s Best Neighbourhoods and detailed article, click here.