Top Apps For Your Home 2019

Top Apps For Your Home 2019

Whether you own a home and want to make the most of it, or you’re saving and shopping for one, check out our favourite apps for planning, organization and inspiration!




Moving and storing your items just got a whole lot easier with Alluster! Once you decide what needs to go, simply visit their website, book a unit, and their friendly staff will arrange a time to come and pick up you unneeded wares. Whether it’s the entire contents of your home, or just your winter gear, Alluster’s team will label and scan everything so that you have peace of mind and a virtual catalogue of your belongings. So if you desperately need those boots, you can go online to your virtual storage unit and have them delivered back to you at any time! This all-in-one storage solution is affordable and convenient! 


Download: Alluster




If you’ve ever wondered, “Can this room pull off this couch?” Hutch is the easiest way to find out. This augmented reality app lets you take a picture of your space and completely re-outfit it with furniture, art and decor — and the items can even be purchased through the app. It’s like a virtual dressing room for your home!


Download: Hutch




Think of OurHome app as the control tower for your home…and your kids. This app lets you manage tasks, events and lists – all while sharing, assigning and rewarding completed items. It even offers automated reminders for all the things that need to get done in the house.


Download: OurHomeApp




Updating a wall colour is a great design fix but choosing between Intense White by Benjamin Moore or Essential Gray by Sherwin- Williams isn’t so easy. Now, you no longer need to go and pick up bundles of paint swatches. Search by colour or inspiration for paints by top brands like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams, and save your favourites!


Download: VividPaint




Wish you could see how your home would look with professional landscaping? With the iScape app, you can create a digital model of your home’s front or back yard. Populate the photo with your favourite plants, so you can see the design before digging at all.


Download: IScapeIT




One of the biggest challenges in designing a room is finding the right scale for your furniture and décor. Over crowding or underwhelming a space are dangers that one never wants to face. That’s where the Measured app comes in! Take the guesswork out of the scale problem by transforming your phone’s camera into a measuring device using augmented reality. Measure literally anything, anywhere, save the info, and head on down to the furniture store to get shopping! 


Download: Measured

Magic Plan

Magic Plan


This app lets you create floor plans simply by taking pictures. Use magicplan to generate complete job estimates, view your space in 3D, plan DIY projects, or furnish your home. An awesome app to take with you to purchaser’s visits prior to closing to figure out what will fit and what you need to buy!


Download: Magic-Plan




The eRenovate App is free and simple to use. Snap some project photos, answer simple questions, tap a button. Sit back and relax while Canada’s best pros are connected to you through your smartphone, or online. You can then Request a Call or a Meeting with your favourites, and only they will ever receive your contact details.


Download: eRenovate




Do you want to control your home’s thermostat even when you’re not there?  Get control with the Nest Learning Thermostat – you will also be able to see your home with Nest Cam and Dropcam, and know if Nest Protect goes off, all in one place. Nest uses sensors, algorithms, and the location of your phone to do the right thing automatically, like turning off the heat and turning on the camera when you leave.


Download: Nest




If you’re selling or buying a home or even signing off on school permission forms, DocuSign eliminates the need to be near a printer and scanner. You can complete approvals and agreements in minutes—not hours or days—from anywhere and on any device.


Download: DocuSign

Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories


Instead of simply providing recipes, Kitchen Stories offers an array of photos and videos which also come with easy-to-follow instructions. Their mantra is, ‘anyone can cook’. Kitchen Stories presents food and recipes as nicely as possible, so if you’re susceptible to mouthwatering photos of food, then this might be the app for you.


Download: KitchenStories




Whether you’re shopping for a home and making notes, or planning for the one you have, Wunderlist is a well-designed to-do list and task management program that makes it easy to create a list and add tasks, due dates and reminders. Organize your ideas or focus into separate lists or create tasks within one list. You can also share them with whomever you collaborate, such as a spouse or your real estate agent.


Download: Wunderlist




Smart home integration is all the rage these days, though not always attainable to everyone. Enter WeMo – a very cool little device made by Belkin that can give you access to all of your electronics through iOS and Android! 

Simply plug the devices into your home outlets and connect to the app. Then plug your electronics and small appliances into the WeMo and control them from anywhere! Forget to turn off the coffee maker? No problem – Sign into the WeMo app and click! You can automate as much or as little as you like, and one switch and motion sensor will set you back only $80.


Download: WeMo

creditkarma (1)

Credit Karma


If you’re preparing to buy or refinance, knowing your credit score is a must. This site allows you to monitor your score and get updates on how you can improve it. You can also learn more about what affects your score, and it allows you to check as often as you want without affecting your credit record.


Download: CreditKarma

canadianmortgageapp2 (1)

Canadian Mortgage App


Although there are many free mortgage calculators available for download, this app from CMHC will help you assess the monthly payment, closing costs, the maximum loan and more of the homes you’re interested in. These numbers should be used as a guide – work with your agent and mortgage professional to learn exactly what type of loan you’ll qualify for.


Download: CanadianMortgageApp

You Need A Budget

You Need A Budget


YNAB was started by a CPA to help him and his wife deal with real-life financial struggles. They created their own budget app that worked so well they rolled it out to the general public. The app monitors income and expenses, but also provides instructional support to help you become better at managing your money.


Download: YouNeedABudget




This little app is a dream for indecisive folks, or those who may second guess their design eye when it comes to their beloved living space. With the Havenly app, you are just a few clicks away from professional guidance to your design dilemmas! Just snap a photo of the room in question and upload it to the app. From there, Havenly will partner you with a professional interior designer that you can chat directly with to achieve your desired aesthetic. If you want to take it to the next level, you can even hire the designer to complete your space at conveniently low prices! 


Download: Havenly


Gallery Walls


Gallery walls are a great way to display an abundance of art and photos to a large blank wall, but it can be difficult to envision the arrangement in your mind.  


The Gallery Wall Designer within the Art.com app allows you to take a photo of your wall and input images and photos that you can then mix and match by size, shape, and style until you arrive at the perfect gallery wall arrangement for your space. 


Download: Gallery Wall Designer

colour capture

Colour Capture


Our team spots new colour trends all the time and like to constantly change things up. They tend to be on point with what’s contemporary and inthenow, and love to get inspiration from the world around them! Color Capture – the handy new app from Benjamin Moore – is the perfect tool for harnessing that inspiration and beautifying the walls of our clients’ homes.  


Snap a photo of the colour in question and the app returns paint hue options that match it PLUS additional suggestions designed to complement and coordinate with it! 


Download: Colour Capture