Top Apps for You and Your Home

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Top Apps for You and Your Home

Whether you own a home and want to make the most of it or you’re shopping for one, check out our favourite apps for you and your home – planning, organization and inspiration!


The Houzz app is the number one app for home design and it’s no wonder; the app gives you access to all the inspiration, blogs and design ideas from the Houzz site on your phone or tablet. The app features View in My Room 3D, which allows you to view products in your home before you buy. (Android, iOS)










Yup, this is an obvious one but we just can’t kick the habit.  Pinterest is our go-to tool for planning our reno and design projects.  From initial inspiration to keeping track of the perfect lighting or tile, Pinterest will keep you organized and always link you back to the source what you pinned.   We love how you can share your boards and invite others to collaborate!









Magic Plan

This app lets you create floor plans simply by taking pictures. Use magicplan to generate complete job estimates, view your space in 3D, plan DIY projects, or furnish your home. An awesome app to take with you to purchaser’s visits prior to closing to figure out what will fit and what you need to buy!








School Locator

If school consideration is a thought for you, the school locator is a must download. By typing in the address of the home you are looking at, you can immediately find out what the catchment public and Catholic elementary and intermediate school options are and how they were rated by the Fraser Institute. Click on the school and you’ll find out more details, like its five years rating out of 10.









Paint My Place

You know you love that colour but how will it look in your room? Virtually paint your home inside & out with Paint My Place to visualize a new paint, roofing & fence scheme on your property, without lifting a paint brush. Before you paint though – ALWAYS get a sample to test it out in your own home – colours will change depending on the light and context!









Do you want to control your home’s thermostat even when you’re not there?  Control your Nest Learning Thermostat, see your home with Nest Cam and Dropcam, and know if Nest Protect goes off – all in one place.   Nest uses sensors, algorithms and the location of your phone to do the right thing automatically, like turning off the heat and turning on the camera when you leave.









Do you know where your money goes each month? Manage your bills, budget and credit score all in one place. Mint is a free app that helps you view your complete financial picture and track your spending. We recommend this app to anyone, but it’s especially useful for renters who need to crack down on their spending in order to save for a down payment. Use Mint to look for areas you can cut spending in order to save a little extra each month. (iOS, Android)









Karl’s Mortgage Calculator

Want to play with different variables, such as annual prepayments, extra monthly payments or different sizes of down payment? This is the calculator for you. Even with all the free mortgage calculators in the online space this one stands out. You can opt to change just about any variable or factor that impacts your mortgage and your payments. Plus, the calculator provides a series of views, letting you see monthly principal and interest payments or annual breakdowns.







Wish you could see how your home would look with professional landscaping? With the iScape app, you can create a digital model of your home’s front yard. Feature your favorite plants, so you can see the design before digging at all.











Your tool belt just got emptier.  Make sure the photos, shelves, mirrors and artwork you hang are even and aligned with this helpful app. It’s an all-in-one tool kit that features a plumb bob, surface level, bubble level bar, ruler and protractor. Just hold your smartphone up to the wall and the app will take care of the rest!

(iOS, Android)




Need inspiration for that next dinner party or even Monday night but don’t know where to start? The all-new Epicurious app makes it easy to find the world’s best recipes including those published in the best food magazines and now you can watch incredible food videos. The best part is the recipe reviews are incredibly reliable.  Search by season, ingredient or rating and even by dietary concerns – it hasn’t failed us yet!










If you’re selling or buying a home or even signing off on school permission forms, DocuSign eliminates the need to be near a printer and scanner.  You can complete approvals and agreements in minutes—not hours or days—from anywhere and on any device. (iOS, Android, Windows, Web).





Credit Karma

If you’re preparing to buy or refinance, knowing your credit score is a must.  This site allows you to monitor your score and get updates on how you can improve it.   You can also learn more about what affects your score and it allows you to check as often as you want without affecting your credit record. (Web)







Although there are many free mortgage calculators available for download, this app from CMHC will help you assess the monthly payment, closing costs, the maximum loan and more of the homes you’re interested in. These numbers should be used as a guide, work with your agent and mortgage professional to learn exactly what type of loan you’ll qualify for. (iOS, Android, BlackBerry)










From reminders to maintain your home to how to keep things clean, Brightnest is loaded with suggestions on how to make your home a better place to live. With tips and inspiration BrightNest will help you tackle important home tasks with easy-to-follow instructions, a personal schedule and helpful reminders. (iOS, Android, Web)









Part of enjoying your home is exploring what’s around it.  Discover what’s located around the homes you’re interested in. The AroundMe app allows you to search for restaurants, gas stations, movie theaters, banks and more near your location. Open the app when you’re viewing a home and see what’s nearby. (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)







Whether you’re shopping for a home and making notes, or planning for the one you have, Wunderlist is a well-designed to-do list and task management program that makes it easy to create a list and add tasks, due dates and reminders. Organize your ideas or focus into separate lists or create tasks within one list. You can also email them with whomever you collaborate, such as a spouse or your real estate agent. (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Web)










Housecreep is “Where the walls talk.”  Want to know if a murder happened in your neighbourhood, where identified grow ops are and which houses are supposed to be haunted?   Public information about homes around the world is crowdsourced on this site.  Just enter a neighbourhood and prepare to be in front of your screen for a while – a word of warning…this site is both addictive and as the name suggests, creepy.