Top 5 Kitchen Organization Tips

kitchen organization

Top 5 Kitchen Organization Tips

The kitchen. It’s where you end up spending most of your waking hours when you’re in your house. Yet for some of us, it can also be the most frustrating room because of lack of space, lack of organization and the ability for things to just pile up until they are falling out of the cupboards!

Check out our top organization solutions for your kitchen – even implementing one or two of them will make a huge difference in the functionality and ease with which you can whip up dinner and get those school lunches cranked out.

The daunting deep cabinet
These are difficult spaces to work with, we suggest installing a drawer system, available at Solutions, or installing a great disposal system.

cabinet pull outdrawers

Fridge and Freezer
Start going through everything and tossing things you know you will never use.  Clean out the drawers, and start getting in the habit of storaging each item in the right place.  Make use of clear Tupperware so you can see what leftovers are still available for lunches.

See more fridge and freezer tips here:

fridge orglazy suzanfreezer organization

Pantry organizing
There are great solutions to organize the pantry with  – Lazy susans, tiered storage for easy visibility, see here for more!

pot organizationpantry-organizing-120kitchen-furniture-tremendous-custom-kitchen-pantry-cabinet-furniture-with-lazy-susan-bearing-installation-also-pull-out-sliding-wire-basket-drawers

Just Purge!
Do you need so many spatulas?  Go through your drawers and toss the extra mugs, cooking utensils, old frying pans, Tupperware without lids, dish cloths, old teas and spices., etc  IT will feel soo good to purge it all away!

Great Drawers
To keep your countertops looking neat and uncluttered use your drawers instead for things like, spice storage, as a knife block.  There are even two tier silverware options.

We are loving the stunning drawer organizers from Ikea:

kitchen organization







Here are some other great examples:

2012-10-23-SpiceDrawer-01 traditional-kitchen-drawer-organizerscabinet organization, drawersglad_folder organizationunder sink orgazation

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