Top 5 Garage Organization Tips

Top 5 Garage Organization Tips

Whether it’s your storage room, shed, or garage (if a Beach house is so lucky!), most of us would love to be more organized… And it’s those awkward items that you need readily available- tools, bikes, hardware, sports equipment, etc.- that can become so easily disorganized!

Below we have collected the best Garage organization tips. All of them are easy to install, relatively inexpensive, and will save you immeasurable stress and grief every time you go to find a hammer.


1. Make sure everything has a home.

This is the most important rule of all. If something has a designated place- be it labelled, outlined, or grouped with similar items… It is more likely to be put back there, making it easier to find the next time!

Click here for a tutorial on how to install a pegboard, and here for efficient ways to arrange storage units



2. Label, label, label!
In our opinion, the best (and most satisfying) way to keep everything straight is to label it. If you never want to hear, “Honey!!! Where’s the….?!” again, keep the labels clear, and store like items together.Lidded bins and jars keep everything dust free, help organized items stay together, and keep things looking clean. For some label inspiration click herechalkboard-label_vases pic4 Garage-Organization-via-A-Bowl-Full-of-Lemons-12-220x180


3. Prioritize!
What are the items in your garage that you use every day? Do you bike to work on a regular basis? Make sure your not digging your bike out from behind recycling bins, costing you precious morning minutes. Into carpentry or just really handy? Designate a tool/ work area. Love gardening? Keep your shovels, hoes, buckets, and MiracleGrow in a convenient location.On the flip side, those 8 bins of winter clothes don’t need to be crowding your floor’s real estate- tuck them up out of reach for the summer months!
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4. Create a family hub.
For those of us with garages or storage rooms that also serve as through-ways or entries to the house, creating a centralized area for every member of the family is essential.
Backpacks, muddy shoes, hats, scarves, jackets… If the family has a place to put them before they even enter, it means less mess inside.

Check out these fantastic mudrooms!

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5. Create a place for the junk!

Inevitably the garage becomes the place for things you don’t need or want anymore to end up. Instead of tossing them randomly and stepping over them every time you come into the garage, create bins for donations, to sell and to give away.Returns_1-640x363 67c9dcfddab9e79b9818e4008a0e4b8f donations




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