Seller Resolutions

Seller Resolutions

If your resolving to sell your home this year, check out our top resolutions for sellers to make sure you sale is as successful as possible!

My house will not be a disaster right up until I decide to sell.

There’s nothing like the deadline of selling your home to tackle all of that organization and decluttering – don’t leave it until the last minute.   In fact, we see time and time again how transformational it is for homeowners to finally get their home in order so commit to getting that list done.  Enjoy your home now, long before you sell!

I will trust the Richards Group Design and Staging team.

We know YOU love your grandma’s chair and the art you picked up on your travels.   But it’s not about your taste, it’s about getting the most money for your home.  Our team has prepared and designed hundreds of homes for sale.  Don’t get in your own way of making the best impact and connection with buyers.

I will not become the biggest roadblock to people seeing my home.

We completely understand kids have to go to bed and you have to live in your home.   But not allowing buyers in because you had a night of Netflix binging lined up is not the way to sell your home.  Nor is ‘quietly staying out of the way’  while you work in your home office during a showing. Think of it as an opportunity to get out and explore new places instead of jeopardizing your home sale!


I will not still be reorganizing my closet when the staging team shows up.

Although we can help you with the overall organization and layout of your home, only YOU can sort through your particulars in your closets and decide which toys should stay instead of going to storage.    When we show up to stage the house, it’s time to work our magic to make buyers fall in love, not to watch you sort your underwear 🙂


I will provide all the information needed to list my house.

Don’t worry, we’ll let you know everything we need well ahead of time.  We’ll also collect any info we can get ourselves – but unfortunately only you have your property tax statement (and only you can call to get it over the phone).    We also love to hear your memories of the home, what you love about where you have lived.  You are the best testimonial for your home.  All of this is incorporated to bring your home’s marketing to life and to give our agents as much information to woo buyers as possible.


I will take the first offer on my home seriously.

Most of the time, your first offer is your best offer.  Generally speaking, the potential buyer who makes the first offer is highly motivated and ready to do business.   The first offer might not be perfect, but that’s what our negotiation skills are for.     Of course it all depends on your motivation – are you selling just to see what you can get because the market is hot?  Or have you bought already and need to sell by a certain date?   We always say, make sure how aggressive you lines with your goals and don’t get greedy – we’ve seen many sellers lose out because their expectations were stretching a little too far.


Thinking of selling this year?

Don’t worry – we’ll help you stick to all these resolutions 🙂    Contact us today to learn how we can help you from beginning to end with every step.

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