Top Home Organization Tips for 2015

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Top Home Organization Tips for 2015

New Year, Newly Organized.

We like to tuck away, make piles, squish & store, and of course at the end of it all just throw it in the recycling bin!

We say we will do it “this weekend” but will we really?

Just like any changes in our lives, its best to slowly integrate the new behaviours into our daily lives. So with this in mind we have made a list that includes things like 15 minutes a day or organizing, trimming the fat of your schedule, and making sure you have the essentials to make your life an easy happy one!

1_15 min org_clean 21. For 15 minutes each day clean and organize.

Pick a room to tackle for everyday of the week. This creates a habit, and makes it part of your daily routine rather than a huge cleaning debt on weekends.


For schedule examples:
Organizing Made Fun


2_WARDROBE PURGE2- Do that ruthless purge!

If you have so many clothes and nothing that you like to wear, this one is for you. Book a day where you tackle your closet. Pull it all out, put back only the basics, and the additional items that perhaps aren’t basics, but that look great on you. Don’t keep your favourites if you don’t wear them. This goes for women and men.

Read more at:
Divine Caroline – Closet Purge – how to decide what to keep and what to ditch in your wardrobe


3_toiletries3. A second purge day – Toiletries.

Clean out the medicine cabinet, under the bathroom sink, your jewellery drawer, check expiry dates, throw out broken jewellery, products that you know you won’t use. Install drawers under the sink so that you can see your items easily and buy a jewellery or watch box to keep things organized well after you have purged.

Read more at:
Byrdie – Bathroom organization ideas


4_go shopping4. Go Shopping!

We know this seems counter-intuitive, but buying things that will keep your house organized and safe is important. On the list should be things that will help you become and stay organized; cabinet drawers, jewellery and watch boxes, filing folders, baskets. Also consider purchasing items for safety, fire extinguishers and detectors, car emergency kits, etc.

More resources:
Emergency kits

Where to buy organizers:
Container Store


5_meal plans5. Meal Planning

Planning out the week will help minimize those last minute runs to the grocery store. Plus help to eliminate the amount of unused food that goes into the compost bin each week.

See here for ideas:
Happiness is Homemade
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6_over committing_26. Over Committing

We get busy and disorganized because we constantly over commit ourselves. Kids, work, volunteering, friends and family all pull us away from things that need to get done to make our everyday lives a little bit easier. Don’t be afraid to just say “NO” having that bit more free time will relax you, nothing is better than walking into a well organized home.

Are you over committed?


7_organizing paperwork7. One more Date to make – a date with your paperwork.

This is a great thing to start in the new year. Just one day to go through that drawer that has been haunting you. Be sure to have a filing folder ready and waiting, a scanner or even a spreadsheet to take note of things you don’t need a paper trail for.

Organizing Paperwork


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