More Than Just Stairs

More Than Just Stairs

Stairs. We use them every day to get to and from our bedrooms, the office, the kitchen, the basement… why do we so often neglect to decorate the stairwell? It’s a small space, but is an opportunity to create a bold and interesting transition from one space to another.

Below we have listed six high-impact solutions that will bring your stairwell from blah to ahh! -and have your guests loitering on the stairs.

1. Tell A Story With Artwork

Whether its an extensive gallery wall or a simple series of prints, giving your guests (and yourself) something visual to experience on their trip up and down the steps will boost your design cred, and give your home added personality.
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See how to create your own gallery wall here:

2. Wallpaper It Up!

Wallpaper is another beautiful way to inject the stairwell with pattern, colour and texture.With the simplicity of a neutral grasscloth, an organic botanical design, or a graphic print your stairs will exude high style.

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We’re obsessed with the new Farrow and Ball wallpaper line

3. Create A Cozy Niche

Depending on the size of your stairwell and landing, there could be a great opportunity to create a vignette that speaks volumes, and adds functionality to an otherwise unused area.

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4. Runner (All The Way) Up!

Adding a runner to your stairs instantly adds comfort and warmth, and not to mention much needed traction!

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See more stair runner ideas here:

5. Re-Vamp The Hardware

Replacing spindles, updating the tread of your stairs, or simply painting out the railing will completely transform your stairs. There are so many options to choose from, it is important to consider your own personal taste in addition to maintaining the feel and integrity of your home.

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6. Break The Mould!

Decorative moulding adds dimension and visual interest. It will give your space a feeling of heritage and character, while remaining understated.

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