How Will Published SOLD Data Affect Real Estate?

sold data

How Will Published SOLD Data Affect Real Estate?

This fall, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that the Toronto Real Estate Board must publish sold data to the public.   


Think about your own neighbourhood for a moment.  If you got a list of all of the semi-detached homes with 3 bedrooms in say for example, Leslieville, would you expect that you could take an average of all of the sold prices and come up with a value?    


If only it were that easy 😉  


Let’s take a look at the process we undergo to determine the value of a home for clients when they are thinking of selling or putting an offer in on their next home:  



When you’re talking about one of your most valuable assets, work with a professional to determine the value of your home before you make any big decisions.     


We can all agree that it’s interesting to see what has sold in your area. Real estate IS a hobby. Sold data just made it that much more fun! Surf with us and email to get set up as soon as our sold data site is released!