Home Design Trends 2018

Home Design Trends 2018

Check out our Design Team’s curated top picks for design trends in 2018.   Actually, we don’t even like to use the work ‘trend’ – all of these ideas will stand the test of time.  Follow us on Instagram @therichardsgroupremax for more ideas and home design inspo!

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Shannon’s Pick: Herringbone Floors



herringbone floors


While we love the white washed hardwood that made a big appearance in 2017, we LOVE the architectural accent of herringbone floors. While they are an investment, an otherwise sparse, simple room can be brought to life with these gorgeous floors. You can even bring this trend to life with tile!





Samantha’s Pick: Greenery & Plants



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Despite the fact that we all have to keep these things alive, greenery is one of the easiest, most affordable ways to inject texture into your home. And don’t worry, for those who truly do not have a green thumb, there are some great options for artificial plants if budget allows. From a good old house plant, to green walls, you can do this tomorrow!


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Parris’s Pick: Mixed Material Kitchens




The mix of textures such as wood and stone in kitchens creates a strong layered, pulled together look. All white kitchens still have tons of appeal but we love having fun and the chance to be more creative, still working with materials that will stand the test of time.


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Bianca’s Pick: 70’s Glam




For those who have over- dosed on mid-century modern, it’s time to have some fun with the glam of the 70’s! Think reflective metallics and bold patterns with black and earth tones. It’s all about texture too – velvets, leathers, faux fur…and look for furniture lines with fun geometric shapes and curves.





Tarah’s Pick: Millennial Pink



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If you’re looking to bring out the softer side of your home, go for some Millennial pink! Don’t worry, you don’t have to do the whole room – just a pillow here or there or fun accent wall can bring some 70’s glam (also a fun trend) to your home.





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