Get Your House Ready for Back to School!

Get Your House Ready for Back to School!

Our design team usually helps our clients get organized to sell their homes but they also know a thing or two about how to get your home ready for back to school. Check out our favourite ideas and organization hacks!


Mudroom Makeover


Even If it’s carving out some space in the front entrance, a quick revamp can make all the difference.


• Ensure hooks and shelves are at heights your kidscan reach.
• Keep only what you need near the door – extra shoes and jackets can be stored elsewhere.
• Wooden crates turned sideways make great storage (be sure to affix to wall if stacking!)



Command Center


Try to create a command center somewhere – you can even do it on the back of a closet door!


• Use office wall hanging folders and clips for kids to organize homework, permission slips etc.
• Post a calendar for the whole family to see and let your kids mark their own important dates.
• Make it your go-to place for family to-dos, reminders, reward boards and checklists!



Create a Workspace For Kids!


While a lot of homework happens at the kitchen table, make sure your kids have somewhere they can go if quiet time is needed. Clear off the table in advance to prep for homework and make the space conductive for learning!


• Use a cleaning caddy as a homework center so you’re never wasting time trying to find supplies.
• Include basic supplies but also recipe cards – a great tool for studying!
• Use a hanging shoe organizer for school supplies to make use of the back of a door.




In the Closets


• Store any items not in season to make room.
• For younger kids, use labelled baskets or hangers to set out clothes for the week.
• Use the inside of closet doors for ‘reward boards’ or kids ‘to-do’ lists – you can even use white board paint to make the door itself the board!




Want more ideas and Inspiraiton?  Check out our Pinterest board!