How can you fall in love with your home again?

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How can you fall in love with your home again?

We’ve all done it. You go to someone else’s home or an open house and you think, I wish my home looked like that!


Inevitably, life takes over, stuff piles up, the ‘honey do’ list gets longer and longer.


When we start our work on a home to get it ready for sale, we take care of every little thing on that list then add our touch to transform it into something buyers will fall in love with.


Now you can learn about our process and apply it to your own home!


Step 1 – The Walk Through

Don’t do this alone – you’ll always miss something! The first thing we do is a very thorough walk through of a home. Start from top to bottom making a list of everything that needs to be done.

Replace that cracked tile? Clean the fingerprints off the doors? Touch up the paint? Add a new curtain? Find that perfect side table? It ALL goes on the list.


Step 2 – The Project Plan

Organize the list by room and create the following columns: Item, Responsibility, Trade, Date, Budget

The responsibility will might be divided between you and your partner, and trade would be for anyone you need to bring in to take care of the item at hand. Assign a budget or cost and date by when you want it to be completed.

Step 3 – Source and Quote

Our next step is to contact our preferred trades to get them to quote any work required. We also begin the process of sourcing any finishes and fixtures, picking colours and finalizing the look and feel. Depending on how long your list is and the type of work needed to be done, you may need a general contractor or just a few different trades.


Step 4 – Project Calendar

We then set up a calendar working back from our listing deadline but you may pick something like a big party or event at the house to give yourself a deadline. Get start dates from any trades and put them in the calendar as well. Divide up your list and book it in. I.e. a day for purging, a day for cleaning, a day for shopping. Keep a list on your phone of anything you need to get and measurements so if you happen to see something you’ll remember what you need and if it will work.


Step 5 – Get it done

When it’s in the calendar it exists so try to stick to your plan. Enlist your kids and motivate yourself with rewards for finishing the work – a dinner out, a massage, a movie. Whatever gets you going!

If your list is overwhelming, take it room by room. If you set a goal of one room each week or each month, you will at least have a plan to get it done!



More tips and tricks…

Don’t worry if your list is long – we often come away from a client’s home with 2-3 pages of things to do and we typically have 2-3 weeks to get it done for them! The important thing is to break it down and plan to do it.


1. Decluttering

If you have trouble letting things go, enlist a friend to be the voice of reason. We also have a much easier time letting go of something if we are donating it. Knowing someone can use it instead of it sitting in a basement is great way to let go. Most people quite simply have too much stuff and that is the biggest road block to a well designed home that functions well.


2. Long term storage solutions

Even though we are getting a home ready for sale, a family still has to function in it during that time.

  1. To stop the build up of clutter again, get some easy storage solutions. We live and breathe with baskets!! Straw, metal whatever fits your style. Target has a great selection at great prices that we love.
  2. Get 2 nice baskets, one for the bottom of the stairs for things that need to go up and one for the top for things to go down.
  3. If you don’t have enough storage in drawers, pick up some containers for your kitchen counter for the little clutter that you need to have handy but don’t want building up.
  4. Keep one big basket for the misc stuff you don’t have time to put away at the moment but can carry around and put back later. Great if you have people coming over or showings!!


4. Change things up

Take all of your pillows, throw blankets, accessories and books in the house and put them in a pile. Throw out anything scraggly, stained or broken. When we stage we often take everything the client has that we can work with and start fresh with placement. We often change things around in our own homes – a bright yellow pillow on a couch worked even better in the office.


5. Layer and stagger

We create a sense of comfort, warmth and dimension by layering. Use a variety of pillows with different patterns and textures. Always add a throw blanket to a couch, chair or bed in a room. Create vignettes of different elements – a stack of books and magazines, glass or ceramic accessories and a candle or wood accent are a great place to start. Photo frames are a quick and inexpensive way to add great impact and warmth.


Our last tip?… Put your house up for sale 🙂

How many times have we heard clients say they wished they had done all this while they lived there so they could have enjoyed it?

There is nothing like listing your home to get things done. Plus we do most of the work for you – how great is that?!

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