Best of the 2017 Holiday Season!

Best of the 2017 Holiday Season!

It’s that time of year…what to give, what to do, what to make. Check out our team’s favourite gifts, ideas and fun for the holiday season! Best of the Season Check out our team’s favourite gifts, ideas and fun for the holiday season!

Jenny – Best, Softest PJ’s in the World!

best pyjamas

Warning – they may also be the most you’ve ever spent on a pyjamas (triple digits) but apparently they’re worth it! PJ Salvage pyjamas are available at Yoka Fashions at 2116 Queen Street East!

Eric Skogland – Who are You?

What are your ancestral origins? See how your DNA breaks out across 31 populations worldwide, where your ancestors lived 500+ years ago. You can even find DNA relatives across the globe or across the street! Available at or Amazon.

Selene – Do you hear that Echo?

Amazon Echo is a great gift for the family and who knows, might even lighten up the questions from the kids about the weather, what day it is, and if the sky is in fact, blue.

Play music, make calls, set alarms and timers, ask questions, check your calendar, weather, traffic, and sports scores, manage to-do and shopping lists, control smart home devices, and more—instantly!

$99.99 from

Nicole Lasko – Eye in the Sky

For the techie on your list or the teen that’s hard to buy for, check out the Egg Drone! Ready to fly in seconds, stored away in a snap and just $33.29!

Cera Dann – Easiest Appetizer of the Season

If you’re heading to a party ever looking for a super quick and easy appetizer

that is incredibly delicious, look no further than Cera’s fave

5 ingredient raw honey and goat cheese appetizer from Sweet Phi.


3 tablespoons apricot preserves

4 oz goat cheese

¼ cup pistachios

2 tablespoons raw honey

3 leaves basil, chopped


On a small plate or shallow bowl spoon apricot preserves.

Lay cheese on top of preserves, sprinkle pistachios on cheese.

Drizzle honey over the cheese, top with basil.

Serve with baguette slices or crackers and enjoy!

For the full recipe go here

Cameron Levitt – Where’s the Dog?

We all know pets want to roam from time to time but here’s a way to make sure their safe and sound if they get out of sight! Ever so conveniently, they also happen to work on kids, cars, suitcases J Available on Tile Sport GPS Tracker

Matt – Smart on the Slopes

While he’s out on the slopes as a volunteer ski patroller, Matt makes sure he always has his POC helmet and goggles on. You can’t put a price on safety but if you must know, depending on the model you choose, it’s $150-$500 for a helmet and $135-$500 for googles!

Sabrina – Something for Paradise

Since Sabrina has embarked on a six-month long sailing trip in the tropics with her family, it seems only appropriate that her pick of the season are these incredible microfiber Dock & Bay beach towels! Available on

Mark – Panto Performance to Remember!

One of the highlights of the holiday season is the Ross Petty Panto and this year is the best ever with A Christmas Carol! This is truly a show for the whole family – hilarious and an incredible night out for all. Tickets available at

Parris – Comfort in a Cup

When winter weather swirls in, nothing could be cozier than a toasty mug of mulled wine.

Mulled wine, the vine’s version of a classic hot toddy, is a traditional holiday treat in many Old World countries!

What You’ll Need

One bottle (750 mL) of red wine

One peeled and sliced orange (keep peel to add zest to taste into cooking pot)

1/4 cup of brandy

8 to 10 cloves

1/3 cup honey or sugar*

3 cinnamon sticks

1 tsp. fresh or 2 tsp. ground ginger (allspice can be substituted)

How to Make It

Combine all ingredients large pot or slow cooker on low-medium heat for 20-25mins.

Stir occasionally to make sure sugar has dissolved completely. When wine is steaming

and ingredients have blended it’s ready to serve. The 1/3 cup of honey or sugar does make a sweeter-styled mulled wine, feel free to cut honey/sugar down to taste.

Samantha – Make Your Own Christmas Tree Garland

Here is what you will need (all avail. at Michaels)

3.25″ Wood Letters
White Craft Paint (Decoart Americana Snow White)
White Coarse Glitter – Crystal (Martha)
Glitter Glue (Martha)
Small Foam Brush
Small Paint Brush

Hot Glue Gun + Hot Glue Sticks

For full instructions go here

Carly – Do Me A Favour

Inspired by her daughter’s school fundraiser, the “Promises Auction” give friends and family a coupon for a favour!

Ideas include free babysitting, housecleaning, cooking a meal, gift preparation, tech help, help plan a vacation – whatever you’re good at and enjoy doing!

Tarah – Biggest Bang for your Decorating Buck!

We all have pictures hanging in the house, so just wrap them! We’re not going to even explain what you need…it’s that simple.

Arthur – Give the Gift of the Classic Giggles

There’s nothing better than watching the Christmas classics while wrapping your presents!

Give someone the gift of Arthur’s favourite holiday movie, Home Alone. (we like it so much we made it our Christmas card!) Give a digital version via iTunes or get it quick on Amazon!

Bianca – Best for Baby’s 1st Christmas

It’s Bianca’s baby’s first Christmas and she loves this cool, lovely framed momento. Available on Etsy from PitterPatterPrint or create your own on!

Shannon – Shut the World Out

When you’ve got three kids at home, you really know how to shut the world out when you have to.

Take it from Shannon who knows this better than any of us. The Bedtime Bliss sleeping mask is contoured and the perfect solution for a good night’s sleep or nap. Available on