Best for Your Body & Mind in 2019!

Best for Your Body & Mind in 2019!

Don’t think of it as new year’s resolutions but a real shot at a lifestyle change! Our team shares their favourite eastbound places to strengthen, heal, fuel and connect this year. Make sure you take advantage of the special offers to make 2019 your best year ever!


Afterglow Studio

Afterglow has become a Beach institution, offering both traditional and mixed discipline yoga practices – and typically to music (and amazing playlists at that!)  Instructors always seem to have a way to tap into what you need – sweat, spirituality or something of both. Every age and discipline will find a happy home here.  Mark Richards even booked a team yoga retreat there! (Yup, that’s us in the photo).


Did we mention the shopping?  Tuck that credit card in your yoga pants.



Omega Health & Fitness

You want to be strong but sometimes you’re broken. Omega takes care of both. With an in-house clinic, expert therapists and personal trainers work together to develop a custom program within a group training.   They train everyone from Olympic athletes to seniors in rehabilitation with their integrative approach to exercise science, sports medicine, chiropractic, physiotherapy, and nutrition. Agent Cera Dann credits Omega with keeping her together and strong no matter what is happening!



15% OFF any personal training packages at Omega.
*expires Feb 28TH, 2019 **new clients only



Torq Ride

Torq has become a place of indoor cycling addiction for the eastbound masses.  They have incredible instructors – including our very own agent Jenny Simon!  Road riders off-season and cult spinners are equally at home at Torq.  Ride to playlists that will move you and real time ride metrics that allow you to track your progress and tap into your competitive side.



The Green Wood

Real estate is hard work and you need healthy fuel to keep you going for marathon showings and offer nights!   Bram refuels at The Green Wood.  Focusing on sustainable and local foods, you can get your healthy food fix easily at this awesome new addition to the neighbourhood.  The menu is incredibly diverse and with casual atmosphere – perfect for lunchtime catch ups with friends. You can even have your gin with kale juice…now that’s really having your healthy cake and eating it too!



Primal Movement

While mixed martial arts are nothing new, this specialized offshoot of Primal Movement is the best and only true MMA and BJJ gym in Leslieville.   They offer Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Russian Sambo, traditional boxing, wrestling, grappling and strength & conditioning. Maybe this is why our agent (and Primal member) Cameron Levitt is so calm and collected.



Culture Athletics

Not only does Parris make our client’s listings look amazing, she also makes working out look amazing with activewear from Culture Athletics.  The athletic apparel and footwear boutique stocks brands for running, training and yoga for both men and women, including footwear and accessories. They also offer seminars and workshops on nutrition and fitness!




Let’s face it – beyond the cost savings of buying expensive gear and things to have fun with, so many of our east-end homes just don’t have the storage to put it all away! Ian is a huge fan of Leslieville start-up Funspree – you can rent things they rarely use or would just love to play with for a few days. Laser tag, a virtual reality system, SUP boards, camping gear…the options for fun are amazing!



Advanced Approaches Massage

Sometimes you’ve had enough of the workouts and just need to unwind everything. Agent Matt Olinski takes his himself to Advanced Approaches Massage. Choose your own adventure…you can go for the craniosacral, deep tissue, hot stone, reiki, shiatsu, Thai or aromatherapy massages.



Sweat & Soda

These guys have become a wicked fixture in the food AND healthy living in the east end with   their mantra “motivating our community to eat well and get moving.”  Incredible daily-made bowls, sandwiches and snacks, cold brew, tonica kombucha on tap.   On top of that, every week they lead fitness activities such as runs, walks, and bike rides.  Keep up to date on their facebook page @sweatandsoda for upcoming events or just ask our Design & Client Care Manager Samantha Davies!



Toronto Yoga Mamas

After having boy #3 Shannon Balm needs some serious shavasana.  Toronto Yoga Mamas offers the perfect haven for moms both before and after they have their little one. Literally – from fertility support to doula services to childcare and yoga with baby, you name it they offer it. It’s just steps from The Green Wood – another one of our faves!




The Big Carrot

When agent Sabrina Cameron is looking for something healthy for her busy family, she hits the Big Carrot AT Main and Kingston.  The 6,300 square store offers healthy options including organic, gluten-free, local and vegetarian/vegan.  Her fave quick lunch if you’re looking for a healthy option on the go is the Trainer Bowl and dinner time doesn’t have to be stressful with their prepared foods buffet.   The natural body care, supplements and organic juice bar are also a healthy luxury we all love to indulge in!




When Shane’s craving a game of golf AND bocce ball but can’t decide, he heads to LOB – the awesome hangout in Leslieville that offers nine tracks of indoor bocce-golf. It was created by avid bocce ball player Ryan Dolan to foster spirited competition amongst friends, family and colleagues.  With the in-house restaurant and you can fill your tummy and wet your whistle with on tap brews from east-end breweries Radical Road, Eastbound, Muddy York, Left Field, Saulter Street and Amsterdam.



Pure & Simple

It’s not just below your shoulders that needs attention…to face 2019, adopt Selene’s religion of facials at Pure & Simple. Their all natural but high-tech facials are super restorative and will make you feel brand-new. While you’re there, stock up on their incredible selection of natural products for the skin including the perfect winter skin cream – Just Pure Calendula Royal Jelly.



Toronto Community Acupuncture

ToCA offers individualized acupuncture treatments from skilled practitioners in a safe, comfortable community setting. What you pay ($20-$40) is up to you as long as the amount allows you to come in often enough to feel great! Keep in mind the setting is in a communal, not private environment to encourage healing in a community. An amazing place that makes acupuncture accessible to all!