Are you our new Office Manager?

Are you our new Office Manager?


You have intuitive intelligence, superior memory for details, a great sense of humour. You are the glue of this office, your brain is a trap for every detail – big and small, you can decide what and who is a priority when five things are coming at you at once – multi-tasking doesn’t even come close to describing what you are capable of. You are a hall monitor of process and procedure. You love keeping track of things and people. When you see a label maker, your heart skips a bit with excitement. You just figure things out. You know ‘No’ is not an option. You will find ways to do things better than we ever thought possible.

MUST HAVE: experience in residential real estate, TREBnet

Is this you?

If so, email selene@markrichards.ca and she will send you our skill testing questions.

(P.S. If you are an agent interested in joining this team, please don’t apply for this job 🙂 Please email info@markrichards.ca