All they want for Christmas…

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All they want for Christmas…

We’ve made the list and checked it twice!  Our buyers have been home shopping and are ready to buy.    If you’re thinking of selling and one of these match your home, contact us today and we’ll make it happen!


Mark Richards

Mark’s clients are looking for..

  1.  Detached lot 50’ to build 2 new homes or a 25’ to build a single home in core Beach
  2. A detached home, 4 bedrooms, parking, good size yard, pool would be great, Fallingbrook area up to 2.5M
  3. A unit at 1 Rainsford or 1960 Queen 2 + bedrooms over 1,500 sq ft
  4. South of Queen detached or semi, 3 bedrooms, nicely finished, up to 2.5M 
  5. Detached home between Coxwell & Leslie, 3 bedrooms, parking up to 1.350M

To contact Mark: 416.728.2499 mark@therichardsgroup.ca


Matt OlinskiMatt’s clients are looking for…

  1. Detached 3-4 bedroom fully renovated detached home with private parking in the core Beach up to $1.8m.
  2. 1+1 or 2 bedroom boutique loft style condo in the Distillery/ Leslieville areas with parking up to $700k
  3. 2 bedroom boutique condo with a large terrace in the Distillery or St Lawrence Market areas up to $800k
  4. 3 bedroom semi in the east end with parking.Fixer uppers or ones needing cosmetic upgrades are most welcome! Up to $800k.
  5. Multi unit investment property in the east end up to $2M.

To talk to Matt:  416.937.6239  matt@therichardsgroup.ca

Jenny Simon

Jenny’s clients are looking for…

  1. Upper Beach semi-detached with 3 bedrooms, 1-2 bathrooms and parking, ok with finished or unfinished basement.
  2. Prime Beach semi-detached with 3 or more bedrooms, parking *Prime location a must.
  3. Prime/Lower Beach triplex, ideally 3 self contained units with three 2 bedroom units, move-in condition, parking, south of Queen preferred

To talk to Jenny: 416.728.2495  jenny@therichardsgroup.ca

 Cera Dann Cera’s clients are looking for…

  1. A couple looking to downsize as their kids have just about left the nest is looking for a freehold townhome, preferably in E06, with 3 bedrooms and are hoping to achieve this for $550k to $600k.

  2. A a condo anywhere along the Bloor subway line, from Broadview way west to High Park with at least a bedroom plus a den and a balcony…parking preferred but not a must, up to $550k.

  3. A client looking for a townhome in C01 or C08…minimum 2 bedrooms but MUST have its own garage to store multiple motorcycles!  Up to $750k

To talk to Cera: 416.569.2372  cera@therichardsgroup.ca


Cameron Levitt

Cameron’s client is looking for…

  1. A detached modern (new or renovated) 4 bedroom home with private parking. South of Kingston, Elmer to Glen Manor.

To talk to Cameron: 416.699.9988  cameron@therichardsgroup.ca



Eric SkoglandEric’s clients are looking for…

  1. Detached 3 bedroom home south of Dundas, Leslieville.
  2. Detached prime beach 3 bedroom, 2-3 bathroom with parking south of Kingston Road.
  3. Semi-Detached 3 bedrooms within block of Queen Street East , open to Leslieville or the Beach
  4. West end: 3 bed Townhouse with parking $600-800k parking – Eglinton, Jane, Hurontario to waterfront
  5. 3 bed 3 bath parking south of 401, between Bathurst to Bayview 

To talk to Eric: 647.300.7019  eric@richardsgroup.ca



Sabrina CameronSabrina’s clients are looking for…

1. 3 bedroom bungalow near Leslie and York Mills, preferably in the Denlow school district. Can be a building lot up to $2M or a fully renovated home up to $3M. 

2. 2 bedroom condo or townhouse with parking up to $550k. Flexible on location. 

3. A cozy 2-3 bedroom semi detached with parking in the core Beach for up to $950k. 

To talk to Sabrina: 416.879.3116   sabrina@therichardsgroup.ca


Are you thinking but don’t see anything matching your home here?   Contact us at 416.699.0303 or info@therichardsgroup.ca today and we tell you how we can help!