What we love for the home for 2012.

What we love for the home for 2012.

With 2012 now upon us we want to share our top picks for 2012. As a couple of us on the team are in the process of redecorating our homes, we especially wanted to tell you about ideas we are doing ourselves!


We’re big fans of….citrus? Yes, oranges, greens and yellows.

You can find some amazing orange accents right now at Flik by Design (greenwood and queen on the north-west corner…look closely or you might miss it!). They even have orange Hermes boxes as shown in the photo below – a great accessory to pull of this look without major commitment 🙂

Also referred to as “Kelly green” we are fans of this as an accent colour.

For those who are want to look on the bright side, particularly during the dreary days of winter, yellow works with almost anything and looks great against woods.

For those of you looking to live somewhere in the middle, pale purple/mauve can take any beige room and add an element of elegance and softness. It’s an easy colour to integrate….sometimes a simple purple orchid is all you need, other times it’s a couple of pillows or one fun statement piece.

We’ve noticed a return to some traditional, even patriotic palettes. Navy blues, blood reds and soothing neutrals are bringing both a sense of stability and optimism.

We painted this very colour in our home office…it’s even more stunning in person!
Hale Navy HC-154 by Benjamin Moore

And what is the new neutral? After spending 2010 and 2011 ‘greying it up’, some have gone too far and have realized the need to warm it up. Moving away from blue based grey tones, the holy grail is now ‘greige’….that perfect balance of a grey that is a bit warm, and a beige that is a bit cool.

Here are some recommendations but this is a tricky one. It can change dramatically depending on the light so make sure you do a good size sample on your wall before you commit. Otherwise you can end up with a blue-ish hue and often a purple glare!

Sherwin Williams – Repose Gray SW7015

Martha Stewart – Heavy Goose MSL261


Texture and layering is always a key ingredient to warming up a room and giving a sense of comfort and both are decor trade techniques.

In a land of manufactured, synthetic replicas of nature a room can feel cold without the tones and dimension of natural products.

Going for a industrial chic metal piece? Pair it with a hide rug or mohair cushions. We’re big fans of sheepskin rugs. For around $50 at Home Outfitters or Ikea, you can make a space feel instantly luxurious and warm.

We have one in our own daughters’ room. We’d include a picture but she’s sleeping right now 🙂 The look is similar to this however…

Fur throws are another big trend that we think will continue…again a feeling of luxury in any room for a good price. West Elm has them on sale (we have the grey one) for just over $80.

What direction should you go?

My only complaint about ‘design trends’ for the year are that many of them do not resonate with us. First and foremost, you have to be able to live with what you do.

You’ve heard this before but stay neutral with the elements you can’t change easily or inexpensively. I.e. cabinetry and millwork, large furniture.

And moderation is the key. Just because you like green doesn’t mean every single accessory in your home should be that colour. Just as in getting dressed, remove one thing before you are done.

Consider the room. Do you want your walls and linens to scream at you while you’re trying to get to sleep? Are you looking for peace and serenity in certain rooms or inspiration and fun?

Consider yourself. Look at how you dress…do you take risks and have fun with accessories? Or do you keep it neutral and elegant?

Keep track of what inspires you. We’re massive fans of ideabooks – an old school hardcopy photo album right to online versions – Pinterest, Houzz etc… Whenever we’re in doubt about what direction to go, we look back on what we keep choosing to include in these ideabooks.

And that is what design trends are meant to be….inspiration. So take what you like and save it somewhere – whether you are decorating or renovating now or for years to come.

And if you need help, just ask us! A home isn’t just something you buy, it’s something you create. That’s why we have our own in-house decor consultant to help everyone who works with us to buy a home.

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  • Great article. For me it is all about texture, natural fibres and then hits of colour. Of course a few pieces of mid century modern add a nice touch too. Thanks for sharing.

    April 23, 2012 at 3:59 pm

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