get your home back to school ready!

get your home back to school ready!

Check out these great photos for ideas on how to organize your home for the kids as they go back to school. For the full Houzz article, click on the link at the end!

If the desk doesn’t come with drawers or shelves, add other elements to help keep things in place. The addition of this pegboard creates flexible vertical storage space with room for decorations to keep it fun. A small freestanding shelving unit will keep papers and homework in the right spot.

Don’t feel like you need to find a desk-and-shelving combo. The freestanding Expedit Bookcase from IKEA is affordable, classic and a good way to get organized.

If you already have a workspace of your own, consider adding another table for the kids. That way everyone can get individual tasks done and still be together.

The start of the school year also means after-school activities, which tend to include a lot of stuff. Keep sports gear, instruments, coats, boots and more organized by installing cubbies. Build them with different compartments for large and small items, and don’t forget hooks for jackets.

Now that you’ve got all the activity stuff organized, it’s time to figure out how you’re going to keep track of everyone’s schedules. The Daily System from Pottery Barn includes a variety of items, including calendars, bulletin boards and storage racks you can mix and match to your needs.

Chalkboards are also an easy way to keep things in check. Either hang a freestanding chalkboard or cover a cupboard with chalkboard paint.

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