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Home Design Trends 2018

Check out our Design Team’s curated top picks for design trends in 2018.   Actually, we don’t even like to use the work ‘trend’ – all of these ideas will stand the test of time.  Follow us on Instagram @therichardsgroupremax for more ideas and home design...Read More
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Buyer Real Estate Resolutions

If your resolving to buy a home this year, check out our top resolutions for buyers to make sure you next move is as successful as possible!   I will get my finances in order. Before you even sit down with a mortgage advisor, get your credit score...Read More

Seller Resolutions

If your resolving to sell your home this year, check out our top resolutions for sellers to make sure you sale is as successful as possible! My house will not be a disaster right up until I decide to sell. There's nothing like the deadline of...Read More

Toronto Real Estate Market Watch 01/18

2017 was an interesting year indeed!   Government regulations had an impact twice during the year - each with opposite effect.    First, with the introduction of the Fair Housing Act which put the brakes on many market segments as buyers decided to 'wait and see'...Read More

Incredible Results Case Study

This Upper Beach heritage home has been long admired – it has an incredible property and wonderful curb appeal but the interior was ready for some updates before it went on the market. In just five weeks, our Design & Client Care Manager Samantha De Faria...Read More

New Mortgage Regulations

With the OSFI releasing new mortgage regulations (the latest update to the Residential Mortgage Underwriting Practices and Procedures commonly referred to as B–20 – kind of sounds like a virus!), many homeowners and buyers are wondering what it means for them.   What exactly is B-20? You...Read More