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Top Cocktails for the Summer of 2018!

Once your backyard and patio are complete don't forget to enjoy an amazing cocktail! Here are our fave recipes for the summer season. Watermelon Mojito Ingredients 1/2 a medium watermelon, seeds removed and cut into chunks 1/3 cup freshly squeezed lime juice 3/4 cup to 1 cup white...Read More

Toronto Real Estate Market Watch 05/18

Continuing the 2018-year trend, April showcased another month of declining year-over-year numbers. While these numbers look drastic at first, the data can be misleading.  Many will see the 32% decrease in sales and the 12.4% decrease in the average price as a major shift, but...Read More

Create the Ultimate Backyard & Patio!

Now that we can FINALLY enjoy the outdoors, check out our team’s top tips to make the most of your outdoor space. Planning   Backyards can be overwhelming to tackle. Decide if you need professional help: do you have to do significant grading, stonework or fencing to get...Read More

Trading Up

Life changes….and that means your home might need to change too. What will it take to get you to the next place? Here are two examples of how you can take advantage of the market and have an opportunity for change. Condo to Semi-Detached   Condo on Wellesley...Read More

Where to Donate

What can you do with the stuff you don’t need anymore?  Do some good! Your unwanted items can help others get a step up, restore dignity, and make true difference in someone’s lives. Here are our favourite places to find a new home for your gently...Read More

Organizing & Decluttering

Spring is here… so that means Spring cleaning! How can you declutter, clean, and organize for good?     After helping hundreds of clients prepare their homes for sale, our team knows a thing or two about how to get your house in order – and fast. Pick...Read More

Renovating? Here’s what you need to know!

After improving and renovating hundreds of our client's homes in preparation for sale, our Design Team knows the inside scoop to make sure your project and experience are amazing. Shannon, Samantha and Parris drop their knowledge for you right here! Finding a Great Contractor Great contractors are...Read More