Home Design Trends 2013

Home Design Trends 2013

Check out our picks for Home Design Trends 2013. There are a lot to choose from but our list considers what trends will give you the biggest bang for your buck if you decide to sell!

Statement Lighting

Other than paint, lighting is the next easiest and cost effective way to transform a room and give it impact – that is, assuming you choose wisely!

Geometric shapes are a big home design trend for 2013 – this one was just featured in Style at Home…

And you don’t even have to buy new…take an existing fixture and spray it out in a bold colour, or buy used and do the same.








The Novogratz’s resprayed this chandelier in Suzanne Vega’s apartment remodel…

Emerald Accents

It’s been declared colour of the year by Pantone but we’ve always been fans of green for pops of colour. It’s a great way to make a statement in a room without a major investment. Just a few throw pillows, vases and you’re good to go. You can also take an old wood piece of furniture and paint it out.

Brass & Gold are Back

Brass is making a resurgence but not in the gaudy way some may remember! The way to make this home design trend work in 2013 is to play with accents and sparingly placed pieces.

A great way to introduce these tones is by replacing some of those black picture frames with gold or brass.

Natural Textures

Following the resurgence of modern and contemporary design into more of the mainstream, the addition of natural textures can warm up these typically cooler palettes.

Fur throws are an easy way warm up a room and add a touch of luxury very inexpensively.

Although you can get faux fur throws from West Elm, our favorites and the softest by far are from Restoration Hardware, and incidentally on sale right now for $79!

For more design inspiration and trends for 2013, check out our board on Pinterest!


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