Best Toronto gift ideas, stores and guides for the 2013 holidays!

Best Toronto gift ideas, stores and guides for the 2013 holidays!

It’s just a couple of weeks before Christmas and if you’re like my wife (but not like me), you’ll be feeling  a certain sense of anxiety over anyone you haven’t thought of a gift idea for yet.  Never fear!  Check out our top picks for gifts, gift guides and places to shop for the 2013 holiday season.

Drake General Store

This place is filled with something in every price range and fancy – and has some of the most unique creations to good old standards.



For Dad or Anyone- An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth

An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth shows us the grit and determination needed to get into orbit, but also about the exhilaration and sheer fun of living off planet.  This is the closest to being in space most of us will ever get.


Soda Stream At Home Carbonator

Available at Hudson’s Bay for about $150

It’s time to stop using throwaway plastic bottle to make way for Soda Stream Source, by designer Yves Béhar. Combine CO2 from the included gas cartridge with water direct from the tap, Source creates a mouth-watering array of fizzy drinks, from classic colas, ginger ale through to custom flavours.


Laser Etching of your Gadgets and Laptop

Check out HiTech Tattoos

Custom engraving Nothing says, “I love you,” like a customized laser etching on your sweetheart’s iPhone. HiTech Tattoos, on Dufferin off Queen in Toronto, can also engrave iPads, laptops and any metal, plastic or wood surface. ($35–$120;


Gifts of Hope

Plan Canada

There isn’t anyone on your list who can’t be made happy by giving a gift in their honour.  There are options from $10 and up and these gifts change real lives.

Your donation goes to buy the very items you are purchasing. For example, the $75 for a goat goes directly to a goat program in a country like Uganda that purchases goats and provides training in raising and breeding the goats.

For the Teachers

We won’t argue that Starbucks gift cards are a great way to go but many teachers have been requesting no gifts so if you still really want to thank them, why not make a donation in their name to First Book Canada?

The majority of low-income families do not own a single book for their children.  The biggest barrier?  Price.  You can express your gratitude and make a difference with a gift that perfectly matches your teachers’ goal to educate.

Best Gift Guides for 2014

Toronto Life

The Grid’s No Brainer Gift Guide

BlogTO Holiday Art Sales in Toronto

And remember it’s better to give than receive!  Have a wonderful holiday season and stay safe.

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