Author:Selene Richards


Top 10 Seller Mistakes

  Don't get in your own way of selling your home! Check out our Top 10 Seller Mistakes! 1. Not dealing with the needed repairs and improvements You will lose money if you don’t take care of repairs before the house goes on the market. It's...

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How to Cheat at Thanksgiving

We know that Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks. But how about a year where you can be thankful you don't have to do as much, and still look like Martha? For those of you who are prepared to cheat a bit, this...

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father's day toronto

Best gifts for DAD

Borderline ridiculous or must-haves? Check out our collection of Father's Day gifts! From the portable briefcase BBQ to awesome coffee mugs, check out Real Simple's 34 Father's Day Gift Ideas       Chilling sticks for his beer, a meat bible, and a bluetooth grill thermometer - the...

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