November 2010

CMHC: Toronto Housing Outlook

The CMHC just released its forecast for 2011. The overall prediction for the GTA? Certainly NOT the most dramatic year in real estate. According to the CMHC, it will be steady as she goes, in fact the title of their resale section is "Less excitement in...

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Inside the Upper Beach

In addition to our Market Watch and Mortgages feature, we're doing a monthly focus on neighbourhoods that offer great value and lifestyle. This month we thought we'd start with our home turf - the Upper Beach! A combination of new developments and heritage conservation, we love this...

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October 2010 Market Watch

Prices are up 5% to $433,729 over this month last year even though the number of transactions is down 20% across the GTA. In the Beach, detached homes sold for an average of $863,562 and the average price of a semi-detached home was $482,562. Let's take a...

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